Themes and Appearance

Just like in Window, Linux has themes you can use for your desktop.

 XFCE OpenBox MetaCity KDE

  • Gnome/MetaCity: System -> Preferences -> Appearance
  • Gnome/OpenBox: System -> Preferences -> Openbox Configuration Manager
  • KDE: Fedora Menu -> Computer -> System Settings
  • LXDE:
  • XFCE: Fedora Menu -> Preferences -> XFCE 4 Settings Manager

Featured Software

All the software listed here is native software on Linux. If you have a favour program, like photoshop or MS Office, your under no oblication to throw those programs out. For the most part these programs can be run via winecrossovercedega. or ultimately you could run windows on top of Linux using qemu, kvm, vmware, virtualbox or others. qemu, kvm and virtualbox are included on the DVD but since kvm needs special hardware I haven't configured them. I give them to you as is.

  • OpenOffice is a complete set of Office Tools. (Word Processors, Spreadsheet, Database, Prensentation Tools) To much disbelieve OpenOffice has pretty much all of the same features as MS Office and a few extras which MS Office doesn't have.
  • Blender: Blender is a full 3d animation studio. I've used this program to create 3d movies scenes, and it's not the simplest thing to use. But it's free and capable of creating CGI. Example: Elephant's Dream, and Big Buck Bunny
  • Comix: Easy viewing of manga, comics, art books, etc.
  • Scribus: Full desktop publishing. I actually used this to create the DVD labels and insert.
  • Pidgin: Instant Messaging client that supports a wide range of instant messaging protocols. Examples are facebook, msn, aol, jabber, google talk, and many more.

Accessing your Windows Files

Accessing your windows files is rather simple if you know where their stored. Click on the "My Computer" icon. You should see some icons with the words "Hard Drive" or the name your windows file system is called. When in doubt just click on one. One of the drives will contain your "Documents and Settings" or "User" folder. Then just keep clicking till you get to where your files are stored.

If you have a picture or word document try double clicking on it. The LiveDVD should have everything you need to open most documents.