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  • Fast DVD Drive!
  • Decent CPU
  • 3d Accelerated Graphics Card

Why do I need a FAST DVD drive?

Currently, your Windows, Mac, Linux or other OS is running from your hard drive. The hard drive speed runs anywhere between 4x to 120x faster than the DVD drive. The faster your DVD drive, the faster Linux will startup and programs will load. On a slow DVD drive, the LiveDVD can take 5-10 minutes to bring you to the desktop. Once loaded, the speed will improve. If you install it to your hard drive, or copy to a faster medium like 2.0 USB Memory key, then the speed of your DVD is irrelevant and Linux will load really quick.

Device Speed Mega Bit/s Mega Byte/s
CD Controller (1x) 1.17 Mbit/s 0.15 MB/s
CD Controller (52x) 60.9 Mbit/s 7.61 MB/s
DVD Controller (1x) 11.1 Mbit/s 1.32 MB/s
DVD Controller (16x) 177.6 Mbit/s 21.12 MB/s
USB Full Speed (USB 1.1) 12.0 Mbit/s 1.50 MB/s
USB Hi-Speed (USB 2.0) 480.0 Mbit/s 60.00 MB/s
eSATA (SATA 300) 2,400 Mbit/s 300.00 MB/s

Why do I need a decent CPU?

The LiveDVD is a compressed file system of an operating system. That means every time the DVD is accessed, it requires more CPU than would be needed if it was on your hard drive.

Why do I need a 3d Accelerated Graphics Card?

You don't really "need it". To use any of the fancy graphics screens, like Compiz or Gnome shell, it uses the 3d card to give you a aesthetically pleasing experience. If you don't have a 3d card, but still want something 'pretty', try KDE: Things to try.

Fedora 12 Requirements

  • Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium Pro or better
  • Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium Pro or better
  • Minimum RAM for text-mode: 128 MiB
  • Minimum RAM for graphical: 192 MiB
  • Recommended RAM for graphical: 256 MiB

Official Requirements Page