Re-Spin DVD

What is this disc?

This is a trail version of an alternate operating system called Fedora that you can run on your existing Microsoft Windows operating system. You don't have to erase anything; you won't lose anything. The only thing that will happen is you may find a way to eliminate unnecessary expense and avail yourself of an opportunity for choice and freedom with your software.

Who is this disc for?

People who are tired of dealing with costly and time-consuming viruses or who feel 'trapped' in a cycle of stores they must go to, or products they must buy to continue everyday computer functioning.

What is included?

A small sample of a much larger and comprehensive operating system that will do everything your Microsoft system will do, only with many more choices and it doesn't cost anything other than a little time spent following up on your curiosity to try something new.

LiveDVD Requirements

  • Fast DVD Drive! (Full Details)
  • Decent CPU
  • 3d Accelerated Graphics Card

How To

  • To Use: Insert DVD. Reboot your machine.
  • To access your files on your hard drive: Click computer icon.
  • To Install: Click install to hard drive. Watch for prompts and warnings.
  • Things to try